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SEO - A Company Standard

At 4site Web Services, SEO comes standard. We research and integrate the latest on-page
SEO strategies to position you for the best search engine results possible.

"Great web design combined with effective SEO is a powerful combination. Many website design companies outsource their SEO. While there is nothing inherently wrong with outsourcing, we prefer to keep our SEO in-house. We also believe search engine optimization should be standard operating procedure with every website we build."

We optimize each website using the following SEO strategies


Using special software we analyze the best keywords for your website and place them strategically throughout your content. Page titles, article headings, image tags and meta descriptions are just a few elements where keywords are placed. Of course, ranking high in any search engine is not guaranteed but your chances of preferred placement increase dramatically with some well-thought out research.


Built-in coding allows tagging of certain parts of your content per Google’s recommendations. Answers to specific questions and lists are examples of structured data. If tagged properly, Google may read the content as highly relevant to search inquiries and place in prime search engine results.


Sitemaps are .xml files that contain an ordered listing of all of your site’s links. We create and submit your sitemap(s) to Google, Bing and Yahoo just after live launch. Submitting a sitemap to the search engines tells them what pages to crawl and index. By doing so, your site is likely to be indexed more quickly, thus reducing the time it takes to show up in search engine result pages (SERPs).


Unless you obtain web traffic reports and analyze data on your own, we’ll insert a Google Analytics tracking ID for you. Even if you don’t sign up for our monthly SEO reports, we’ll still insert the code so we can show your site’s history in case you decide to later.


Fast loading pages can be hampered by large image files so we’ll reduce their size where appropriate.


Another factor impacting page load time is the site’s underlying CSS and Javascript. Where appropriate, we’ll configure your site to combine this coding through a process called minification.


Having a strong internal linking structure is another key to great SEO. We’ll look for opportunities to link internal content to other pages with related content. This allows the visitor to find additional information more quickly than selecting menu items that may be less descriptive. The goal is more time spent on your site and less page abondonment, also known as bounce rate.

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