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What is SEO Web Design?

definition of seo web design

Why web design and SEO should be best friends

SEO web design is really a combination of two major components of a website: SEO, or search engine optimization, and web design, which refers to the infrastructure of the website itself such as layout, graphics and navigation. Until the last decade or so,

the implementation of these two building blocks were largely the function of two separate entities: the agency for the SEO part, and the designer for the (you guessed it!) design part. However, the one element these entities have in common is CONTENT – and BOTH have to get it right in order for a website to reach its full potential (bring customers to your door, if you were wondering).

Well-written content (not excluding media) from a web design perspective is important for the following reasons:

  • It is critical to the overall flow of the website
  • It has to make sense to the reader
  • It has to provide the information the reader is looking for (be relevant)
  • It must be grammatically correct

Well-written content from an SEO perspective is equally important:

  • The text must contain relevant keywords that people are searching for
  • The keyword needs to appear in the right places (body, title, image tags etc)
  • The target amount of the keywords on any given page (known as keyword density)
  • It aids in creating descriptive hyperlinks to, from and within the site
  • It provides the shared content used for social media integration like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

... this list can go on for quite some time!

Technology has created the ability for both the designer and the agency to become extremely efficient in their respective capacities but it has also created the need for them to work together more closely than ever. The rapid pace of mobile technology means more people are accessing the web from their smartphone or tablet, which goes beyond just a difference in the way content appears on a screen. It also affects the way people are searching for content as well as how search engines like Google displays the results.

Some larger design firms that employ tens if not hundreds of people have already made the shift to a team concept, where designers and SEOs routinely collaborate on a given project. This cuts costs, increases productivity and ultimately benefits the customer. Many smaller companies have yet to catch on to this trend and either outsource their SEO to an outside agency or worse, disregard it altogether.

At 4site Web Services we understand the important roles both the design and the SEO play in creating a top performing website. Whether you provide the content or we work together to come up with the perfect pitch, your website will be fully optimized in-house to be found in search engines whether by mobile device, desktop or laptop.