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How to Turn Visitors into Customers

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Converting visitors into customers with clear messaging and creative content.

Driving business to your site can be accomplished in several ways but do you want your visitors to do once they get there?

-join your email list?
-purchase a product or service?
-call you for more information?
-donate to your cause?

Your call to action is relatively easy to create – what you need to have is a compelling reason why.

Why should they join your email list, buy your product, call or donate?

This is where creating compelling content takes center stage and I think is also where many business owners struggle. Describing your product, service or cause is not difficult – you likely eat, breathe and sleep it. Describing why someone needs it is quite a different matter.

I know - you’re thinking...

"Hey, I love my product and so should everyone else", or "I'm so passionate about my cause that I know others will be too"

Awesome! I’m willing to bet that you have a very high conversion rate when speaking face-to-face or over the phone to someone because of the sheer impact of your enthusiasm.

Can you translate that enthusiasm into something written and visual with the same impact? Not likely.

So how do you get someone to be as excited as you are without the luxury of a personal conversation?

Paint a picture of how they will feel by getting to the core of what they want.

Let me demonstrate...

Let’s say you’re selling jeans online. What do you think is the more effective approach?

A. photo of a pair of jeans against a plain background with a price tag, or

B. photo of a young couple laughing and having a good time together at a party, wearing your jeans

Ok, it’s obvious that clothing is a pretty practical necessity and no one wants to go to a party in their underwear (normally). But why should someone buy YOUR jeans? Because they don’t want to go half-naked?

Nope – because of the way they’re going to feel at the party while wearing your jeans: young, attractive, confident etc.

Let’s try another one...

You have a non-profit and you would like people to donate to saving the endangered rhino-liger. Ha! Of course there is no such animal, but you’re very passionate about saving them.

Which approach is the more likely to get a donation?

A. “Donate now and get a free stuffed rhino-liger”, or

B. “Be a part of giving generations to come the opportunity to enjoy this amazing creature”

I don’t know about you but I like being a part of something, and as much as I’d really enjoy a free stuffed rhino-liger, I think I’d like the feeling of belonging and being needed more.

Next time you see a commercial or pitch for something you might be interested in take note of whether it’s just informational or if it really makes you feel a certain way.

There’s a higher probability that you’ll take action on one that makes you feel a certain way, even if it’s unconsciously.

So many additional factors influence a visitor on your site to take the next step but helping them get to a state of mind where they feel good about what they're doing is a huge step in the right direction.

At 4site Web Services we can make your life a little easier by helping you create compelling and engaging content for your new site or site revamp.  Visit our site today or drop me an email to learn what we can do for your company or organization. 


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